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Please click on the button below to download your free trial copy of our NeverForgetTM Personal Reminder Software from the ZD Hotfiles Web site.

This trial version of the software has all the features of the full version, however, it will expire after 30 days of use. Afterwards, you can return to our Website to purchase the full, unrestricted version.

Any reminders entered into the 30 day trial version will be preserved after install of the full version if you choose to upgrade and purchase the software.

Make sure no Anti-Virus Software is running during install as it sometimes interferes.

Like any Windows program, the software can be uninstalled by opening the Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove Programs.

We hope NeverForgetTM Personal Reminder Software helps you remember the important occasions in your life. Enjoy!

-The NeverForget Development Team


System Requirements for trial version (2.2mb download):

  • Windows® 95 or later/NT
  • Intel 486 or Pentium processor
  • 8MB RAM
  • 5MB available harddrive space


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